✓ Cardio that burns 3 x the fat

✓ Get your workout done in half the time
✓ Designed to suit all fitness levels

✓ World class trainers to push your limits


$14.95 p/week

Just 10 Places Available

*No Lock In Contracts

**First Week Is FREE!

"I love the workouts, they were always new and exciting. The people I train with are supportive and encouraging, its a real community that you would never get from a normal gym. Over a year I used I.C.E - Group Fitness to shred 20kgs and I couldn't be any happier with the result, it's changed my life."

Katrina - 25

"It's intense, that's all I can say. For 25 minutes you are working as hard as you possibly can but it's over so quickly you don't even realize the time has passed. Getting my workouts done in the morning allowed me to start the day on a high. I only did I.C.E 1-2 times a week and as you can see it worked. If you want to get the best result possible in the shortest possible time go and see these guys, they know their stuff."

Ryan - 21, Electrician

Who Is This Training Program For?

  • People who are training hard in the gym and not seeing the results they want.
  • People who want a challenge and aren't afraid of a little hard work.
  • People who want to get out of bed for a super start to the day.
  • People who want to maximize every minute spent in the gym
  • People who want to get the best result possible.
  • People who want to be apart of a fantastic community

Ruth - 27, Swim School Instructor

"I was your typical cardio bunny participating in 2-3 classes and clocking up close to 10 hours of exercise a week. I've since learn't the principals of I.C.E and applied them effectively cutting the time I spend in the gym by more than half. As you can see it's doe my body the world of good."

David - Volunteer Rescue

"I've worked in gyms for many years and everytime I joined I would get a PT Program but always found myself getting bored and changing things up. When I started I.C.E - Group Fitness it made me accountable to working hard and doing just a handful of very effective exercises. That along with his nutritional support allowed me to get the best results I've ever experienced in the gym."

What Do You Get?

  • 3 x 25 Minute I.C.E Group Fitness Classes p/w
  • Expert Instruction by World Class Body Transformation Specialists
  • Extremely Effective Workouts That Are Never The Same
  • One Small Weekly Payment That Will Never Change
  • No Lock In Contracts
  • Energetic, Vibrant Environment To Train In
  • Supportive and Encouraging Community to Work With.

SPECIAL BONUS - Book Your Consult Now and Receive a Free I.C.E Group Fitness T-Shirt and Special Nutrition Report Valued At $147

Your Trainers

Not your average Personal Trainers and their teaching style proves it. 

They won't yell and scream at you, in fact most of the time you won't even notice they are there. That's the key to a great group fitness class, the experience is immersive and the workouts  so dynamic you lose yourself for the short amount of time you're there. 

They are world class Body Transformation Specialists who have continually up skill for the last 10 years and have reach heights only very few trainers can claim they have in the industry.

They are relentless in their pusuit of excellence and they expect the same from you, this is how you get results, through hanging aroound cool people like them ;)